No new auction news

Ugghhh…… what a summer for auctions!

I have ventured out to a few auctions this summer and no luck to be had. Part of it is due to my lack of extra income to spend since our extra funds are going to summer activities (which I am not complaining about–we’ve had a blast!). The other part is due to the fact that I have had bad bidding luck, I suppose.
My biggest dissapointment of the summer was with an antique Swedish Grandfather clock that I had hoped to get. It was DREAMY! Perfect for my little shabby chic cape-cod bungalow. I lusted after it and dreamed of it in my living room. When auction day came I had my budget in mind for the little gem. The auction house was full so I was seriously doubting having even a slight chance of winning it.

I sat for a couple of hours waiting for it to come up on the auction block. At one point I got a phone call and stepped out to take it…..bad mistake. I came back in and was talking with my auction house employee buddy, Vernon, who told me that while I was on the phone the clock had come up for auction!!! Not ONLY did it come up for auction but it had no interest or bids so it didn’t even sell!! I could have had it for $15. TOTALLY SICKENING! I couldn’t believe that had happened.

I was told it would auction again 2 weeks later. Of course 2 weeks later it sold for $80 more than my budget allowed. I was (am) crushed. Totally and completely devistated.

I think that one bad experience has affected my entire summer auctioning experience. I need a good win to pick me up from that crushing experience.

This weekend I went to 2 auctions. One in Lawerenceburg and one here in town. Both were a dud. I had hoped to find good fabric at the first one but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Today, the auction house was so incredibly crowded that I couldn’t even focus on what was being auctioned. Finally I found a chair in a hidden corner of the room and sat and read old cookbooks for an hour or so until it cleared out.

Hopefully this fall will bring many good auction times. As they say “you win some and you lose some”. But holy cow, it totally stinks to lose some (especially when it is the dreamy grandfather clock 😦


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