A morning on the farm

I will start out by saying how sorry I am that I did not take my camera to yesterday’s auction. Mike took the boys to a Reds game and so I let him take it to Cincinnatti.

Oh how I wish I would have taken my camera though! I woke up Saturday morning and headed about an hour away to an auction in the rolling farm hills of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. What a gorgeous drive and specatcular day! I was suprised at the crowd there for the auction but after I saw the hundreds upon hundreds of items for sale, I realized this was one BIG auction. There were actually 2 auctions going on simultaniously in order to get through the massive amount of items going on the auction block.

My sister-in-law Sondra, met me there and was hoping to win an antique violin. The auction was held at the farm of an elderly man who was moving to Florida. There was everything from farm equipment to banjos to cast iron cookware and guns. I did not go with any particular items in mind to buy but rather just to get out of the city and get in some good people watching (ha!).

Sondra didn’t win the violin. It ended up going for $500. I came home only with a little ceramic coo coo clock for $3. Even without any good finds, it was a nice change of pace to breathe in some fresh air and see cute old men chewing tobacco and walking around in their overalls.


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