Nightclub Auction–Disco ball anyone?

Today was an interesting day. I met 4 friends (pastors from our church) at a local nightclub downtown that was being auctioned off.  The actual building was not being auctioned but all of the contents inside were.  Sound equipment, dance floors, pool tables, couches, tables, etc… all were on the auction block.

Kevin, Matt, Justin, and Karen had never been to an auction before. We got there early to inspect the items, regeister for our bidding number and figure out what we were going to bid on. I just couldn’t stop laughing at all 4 of them who said they were so nervous they wanted to throw up! Kevin likened the experience, at first, as him being a little kid and the auctioneer being a clown that Kevin was deathly afraid of. Too funny. I can understand though. First auctions can be very intimidating and scary, especially if you are not familiar with the auction process. Each auction is different. Some auctions have chairs and a stage where items are brought up for the audience to see and bid on. Some, like todays auction, is much different. The auctioneer had a portable microphone and we followed him from room to room and item to item as he auctioned them off. 

And let me just say—-things were being sold DIRT CHEAP! Holy cow. Matt, our youth pastor was able to buy an entire ROOM of items for $15!!! Insane. They bought some stage equipment they needed for the church that sells retail for $1000 for $5.

It was a super fun day with some great friends. I didn’t buy anything myself but it was fun seeing the transition from them being apprehensive and nervous to having a ball and bidding on items like pros!!

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