Let the projects begin…

Recovering the bench...such fun!Now that I have some great auction finds I am set to work on some of them. I found this great little footstool/bench and recovered it today with a cute Amy Butler fabric.

This weekend I bid on and won a “lot” (meaning several) boxes of things. I had my eye on one box filled with a bunch of old wooden spoons and bid on that. It also had a great crepe griddle (hello Blintzes!!). Along with that box came 4 other boxes of random things. Those things have turned out to be quite a little treasure. In one of the boxes was a set of 6 hand blown oil lamps. The tag on the lamp lead me to the website. On the website these oil lamps ranged in price from $80-$180 each! I bought those, my griddle, spoons, lots and lots of fun dishes & more for a mere $20.

I already have the oil lamps on Ebay and after seeing what they are going for on Ebay right now, I am fairly sure I will make atleast $200 on them. I have other items to sell as well as I get time.

I love the fact that a fun past time such as auctioning can lead not only to great deals for my own house but also extra income with minimal effort. The challenge of finding a good deal is such a thrill!

Give it a try……..


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