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Nightclub Auction–Disco ball anyone?

May 28, 2008

Today was an interesting day. I met 4 friends (pastors from our church) at a local nightclub downtown that was being auctioned off.  The actual building was not being auctioned but all of the contents inside were.  Sound equipment, dance floors, pool tables, couches, tables, etc… all were on the auction block.

Kevin, Matt, Justin, and Karen had never been to an auction before. We got there early to inspect the items, regeister for our bidding number and figure out what we were going to bid on. I just couldn’t stop laughing at all 4 of them who said they were so nervous they wanted to throw up! Kevin likened the experience, at first, as him being a little kid and the auctioneer being a clown that Kevin was deathly afraid of. Too funny. I can understand though. First auctions can be very intimidating and scary, especially if you are not familiar with the auction process. Each auction is different. Some auctions have chairs and a stage where items are brought up for the audience to see and bid on. Some, like todays auction, is much different. The auctioneer had a portable microphone and we followed him from room to room and item to item as he auctioned them off. 

And let me just say—-things were being sold DIRT CHEAP! Holy cow. Matt, our youth pastor was able to buy an entire ROOM of items for $15!!! Insane. They bought some stage equipment they needed for the church that sells retail for $1000 for $5.

It was a super fun day with some great friends. I didn’t buy anything myself but it was fun seeing the transition from them being apprehensive and nervous to having a ball and bidding on items like pros!!

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Let the projects begin…

May 27, 2008

Recovering the bench...such fun!Now that I have some great auction finds I am set to work on some of them. I found this great little footstool/bench and recovered it today with a cute Amy Butler fabric.

This weekend I bid on and won a “lot” (meaning several) boxes of things. I had my eye on one box filled with a bunch of old wooden spoons and bid on that. It also had a great crepe griddle (hello Blintzes!!). Along with that box came 4 other boxes of random things. Those things have turned out to be quite a little treasure. In one of the boxes was a set of 6 hand blown oil lamps. The tag on the lamp lead me to the website. On the website these oil lamps ranged in price from $80-$180 each! I bought those, my griddle, spoons, lots and lots of fun dishes & more for a mere $20.

I already have the oil lamps on Ebay and after seeing what they are going for on Ebay right now, I am fairly sure I will make atleast $200 on them. I have other items to sell as well as I get time.

I love the fact that a fun past time such as auctioning can lead not only to great deals for my own house but also extra income with minimal effort. The challenge of finding a good deal is such a thrill!

Give it a try……..

2 auctions – 1 weekend

May 26, 2008

I went to 2 auctions this weekend. The first was a rural country auction held in a dusty open aired barn. The second was at my local auction house here in town. Although the two auctions had their differences, overall the auction process and what to expect is the same. The barn auction had a great ambiance. It was a perfect 72 degree sunny day. The barn was open on both ends with a nice breeze coming through. The barn was filled with mostly men; older men with jean overalls on (absolutely adorable!). My 2 little boys were there and had the freedom to run around a bit and not feel confined to a small room or a seat. I love these kinds of auctions. They are very laid back and they give me warm feelings of the “good old days”. I bought an old wooden lamp to sell online and lost bids on two outdoor heaters for our patio and patio furniture set (can’t win them all!). The auction was more of a man’s auction, as my friend put it. There were lots of guns, tools, army blankets, camping supplies, and a few diesel trucks. But even at a country auction such as that there is something for everyone. In one box we found some amazing old Polaroid cameras. There were a few great antique furniture items as well as well kept vintage toys and linens.

            At my local auction house yesterday I took a friend and we spent the good part of the day watching white wicker piece after white wicker piece get auctioned. I did not realize so many things could be made out of wicker! There was even an interesting white wicker rocking horse with no ears- he was my favorite. Besides the wicker, the auction had some amazing one-of-a-kind antique furniture. I would have loved to have had the massive 8 foot by 8 foot old pharmacy wooden case that someone bought for $800. There were many great paintings, outdoor furniture sets, couches, dolls, books, and fishing items. At the end of the day I paid $20 for 5 boxes of weird, interesting things. I really wanted the crepe griddle which was in one of the boxes but since it was the end of the auction day, that box was lumped into a “lot” with 4 other boxes. I brought my treasures home and today I will make my way through them dividing them into piles to sell, keep, or give to the Goodwill. If I can sell enough to cover my $20 I will be happy that I got a crepe griddle for free!

Most of all in looking back on the past 2 days, I am glad that I was able to take time from my hectic weekly schedule to get out and meet new people and savor the laid back auction culture. Too often these days we just don’t interact with strangers. We keep ourselves in our work bubble or our family or church bubble. We don’t put ourselves out there to introduce ourselves to someone new or take some time to listen to another’s story. I have been guilty of this. It is so easy for me to go through a week with my kids, go to the gym, buy groceries, or play at the park without ever slowing down to start up a conversation with someone or give a generous and thoughtful smile and hello. This weekend, and other weekends that I am at an auction I am able to do just that. There is time to turn to the person next to you and strike up a conversation about their great purchases that day or to help an elderly lady carry her box of treasures out to her car. So I encourage each of you to not only go to auctions to find amazing deals or try to make extra income, but treat it as an excellent opportunity to meet new and interesting people and listen to a story or two. I wouldn’t trade that time for the world.