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Welcome to the auction house.

April 28, 2008

This blog is dedicated to my experiences in the auction world. I have been going to auctions since I was a girl with my parents. Each Wednesday night we would venture down to the local VFW and sit for hours bidding on and buying many great treasures. Although I was almost always the only kid there, I really enjoyed looking through big boxes under tables for little hidden treasures or trying on fun costume jewelry in the jewerly boxes.

As I moved into married life. auctions became a necessity. We were barely into our 20’s and had decided to do missions work full time with no pay.  Auctions became a great way for us to furnish our house on a budget. We were estatic to find a king size bed with the rails for only $5! Our kitchen table, chairs, side tables, and such all came from auctions.

In recent years I haven’t had the opportunity to go. We have moved to numerous states, had children, focused on acheiveing life goals, and so forth. Finally, in March of 2008 we bought our first house. About that same time, I went to a local auction here in Lexington, Kentucky.  It felt great to get my paddle number, browse the boxes of treasures, find little pieces of furniture to bring to the house, and to meet some new and interesting people. In the past couple of months I have found 2 amazing down filled couches for our home– $100 for both. I won 7 bookshelves for $20 total. Bid on and won a Kenmore Elite Deep Freeze (at Sears for $850) for $25, and many other little goodies along the way.

This blog is going to chronicle my times at the local auction house. They happen every other Sunday and as the weather grows warmer we will frequent some other estate auctions as well.

My hope with this little blog is to help bring in a new generation of auction goers. I’ll help explain how the auction process works, tips that I like to use when going to an auction. I’d love to do some mini interviews with some of my other auction friends to find out what they are finding and looking as well. Also I’ll brag about all of the wonderful goodies I find. If this blog inspires you to find a local auction, let me know! I’d love to have you share your experience here as well.